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“different than the others”

A stone table, a bowl of hot polenta; traditionally served, a pitcher (boccalino) of good red wine and the music of a guitar, while, a few steps away, the water falls from the abundant Froda waterfall.

And, in the countryside a few steps from the historic core of the village of Sonogno, Grotto Efra, which, for over 70 years has offered typical local products of the rural tradition of Ticino.

Discover it with us, on a journey through the customs and flavors of the past and cultural activities for all tastes.

We are Luca and Deborah, and together with our “big family” we welcome you to the Grotto, your Grotto.

Our Philosophy

Ticino cuisine, close cousins ​​to the Lombard, has origins as a humble, rural past in which every ingredient was the result of hard work, where nothing was wasted, and where food preservation was a matter of survival.

  • The past
  • The present
  • The future
The Grotto traditionally was the place of food processing and storage. Wine, cheese and cold cuts, necessary for survival during the harsh winter months, were kept in the cool cellars of the Grotto’s.
With the advent of tourism the Grotto has become a meeting place and restaurant with the possibility for customers to sample local and traditional products as well as kick back with a game of bocce, a song or a game of cards.
The globalization of products and the Grotto culture always influences more the offer which undergoes a slow but inexorable transformation becoming a restaurant in every respect.

The Grotto Efra was constructed between 1941-1943 in order to provide refreshment and entertainment for guests of ‘then’ Hotel Efra of Frasco, belonging to the Ferrini family. Located in the country at the base of the Valley Redorta, in the shade of large maple trees and a few steps from the famous “Froda” waterfall, the Grotto is one of those places that is worth a visit when you are in the Valley


I’m Luca, born and raised in this valley that I love. I love to travel and bring back knowledge and ideas from different parts of the world.
“I’m Debora, originally from the canton of Appenzell, I left everything to embrace these mountains and their welcoming people.”
Together we travel around the world and every summer, on time, back in our Grotto to welcome our guests with joy and anticipation.


The Grotto, as we see it, is a little paradise surrounded by mountains. It’s cuisine, simple and traditional, is made up of local produce purchased directly from the farmers of Verzasca. The big corporations? We avoid them like the plague!

Immersed in Nature

harmonically the beautiful natural and architectural outline of the Verzasca Valley.


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1 month ago

Grotto EFRA

Domenica 16 settembre il Grotto è completamente prenotato. Vi ringraziamo per la comprensione. ...

1 month ago

Grotto EFRA



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Tutto pronto il Verzasca Foto Festival 👍👍

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2 months ago

Grotto EFRA

CHIUSURA STRAORDINARIA. Lunedì 3 Settembre. ...

2 months ago

Grotto EFRA

Griglia accesa 👍 ...

Griglia accesa 👍


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Grazie mille per l’accoglienza di ieri e l’ottimo pranzo.. famiglia ‘momó’ con Emma e Fernando 🌈

Sa me manque déjà votre belle terrasse et cet endroit magnifique! Vivement l’année prochaine! 🌞😊

Grandi! 😎

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3 months ago

Grotto EFRA

Martedi 31 luglio il Grotto chiuderà alle ore 16:00. Venite a trovarci al LOKALIVE. ...

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Our Location

The Grotto is located at the end of the Val Verzasca where the car is banned and access to the village of Sonogno is allowed only on foot.
The location is about a ten minute walk from the main car park but there is a sign that allows customers to access their own car despite the ban.
After about 500 meters from the town center along the valley floor along a small pedestrian and cycle road surrounded by pretty cottages, you reach the Grotto place close to the mountain.

  • Luca and Debora Via Redorta, 6637 Sonogno, Switzerland
  • 0041 91 746 11 73
  • 0041 78 707 23 75
  • info@grottoefra.ch